One Of The Premier Business Law Firms in

New Hampshire & Northern Massachusetts

Notinger Law has over 50 years combined experience in commercial litigation, probate, bankruptcy and tax litigation. The firm represents businesses and individuals both inside and outside of bankruptcy. Notinger Law also has handled many cases of varying types in State and Federal Court (including appellate courts) and regulatory agencies (including the IRS).

Notinger Law serves as trustees in and out of bankruptcy, including in probate estates. The firm is result-oriented and seeks to avoid waste for all of their clients. Notinger Law occasionally handles consumer bankruptcy (if associated with a business), so the firm is a debt relief agency.

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Bankruptcy is a process where you obtain a discharge of your debts either through liquidation or reorganization.  It is a tool you can use to restructure your debts.  Attorneys in the firm have extensive experience handling chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. To be an effective bankruptcy lawyer you need to have knowledge of how businesses work and how individuals can navigate the bankruptcy process.


Probate & Estate Planning

Not only do the attorneys at Notinger Law have experience with financial distress, but they have experience with the legal aspects of wealth management and probate.

Deborah Notinger has handled estate and probate cases in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts and is well versed with the procedures in both states. In addition, attorney Notinger can help you plan your estate so you can avoid the probate courts completely upon your passing.


Commercial & Tax Litigation

The firm handles all types of commercial litigation with an eye towards resolution and efficiency. The attorneys in the firm pride themselves on developing a strategy early in a litigation matter so that the litigation does not get out of hand. The attorneys have particular expertise in fraud and preference litigation, probate litigation and director and officer liability cases, having handled such matters both in an out of state.


Business Law

As commercial lawyers, the attorneys at Notinger Law are intimately familiar with all aspects of business representation and real estate transactions, particularly small business representation.

If you need to set up a business, enter a lease or financing arrangement, buy or sell a business or liquidate a business Notinger Law can provide you the legal guidance you need to help you with any commercial transaction or representation in any business matter.