Living Wills Lawyer in NH & MA

It is important that any probate, wills or living will matters that you’d like to go through should be brought to the attention of a Massachusetts or New Hampshire attorney that can provide the necessary information required. These subject matters are delicate and require someone that has the expertise in the field to handle them, should the need ever arise.

Trust in Notinger Law to handle all of the law, probate, and living will situations that you may have. They can provide the necessary information needed to move through the process as quickly as possible so that everything is handled in the right way.

What is a Living Will?

A living will is a document that states who becomes in charge of all assets, medical and financial decisions, as well as other decisions when the person either passes away or becomes unable to make these decisions for themselves.

The living will is made when the party is alive, of sound mind and well. They decide on the people that they trust to handle all of the specifics of their life once they pass. Whether they’re planning for the future ahead, unforeseen circumstances or perhaps have gotten bad news, this can be a lucrative way to prepare for any problems.

Living Will Attorneys

When a living will is drafted, it is important to speak with an attorney that is able to provide the right direction. Not only does the document have to be official, but it has to be notarized. This is to ensure that there is a legal document stating the needs of the people or person that are within the living will.

Attorneys that specialize in probate, estates, and wills can provide the necessary help, as this is their focus within the legal field. They provide the direction, as well as the legal document and can help to file the paperwork for you to make the will an official record.

Statues and Limitations

While the person is able to state whatever they’d like within the will, there are clauses where sometimes something is unable to be done. This can be discussed at length with the attorney that is helping with the process. Child custody, as well as other matters, may have to be discussed depending on the unique situation. Additionally, property and other items, depending on whether or not there are liens may require additional paperwork or information.

Every living will is the difference, which is why speaking with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney for the will that you’d like to have drafted is important. They understand the particulars that go into these documents and can ensure that everything is done correctly and according to law.

If you require help with a living will or another estate, probate or trust issue, speak with the attorneys at Notinger Law. They’re the estate planning attorney in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They provide everyone with the help that they require. They can ensure that all probate matters within Northern Massachusetts are handled accordingly.