Wills Lawyer in NH & MA

For wills that need to be written or executed, trust in a law firm that understands the particulars of any given will. Through the use of Notinger Law, clients are able to come in and write a will or have a will executed to those that are named inside it.

Handing this delicate matter should not be handled by anyone, but an experienced attorney at law that understands the proceedings that need to take place in order for the will to be appropriately handled.

Probate, Trusts, and Wills

All probates, trusts, and wills require paperwork in order to put them into motion or to have them filed. This has to be done through a professional attorney that specializes in these matters. With their help, those requiring the filing or execution of the will can also file the necessary paperwork in order to get the process moving along.

Probate Court

In some cases, probate court will need to be involved in order to cover all of the necessary bases of the will. If this is the case, an experienced will attorney can also provide the necessary help in probate court instances. Each will case is different, however, so it is extremely important to speak with an attorney at law that can discuss possible outcomes of the will and specific process you’ll have to go through.


When filing a will or probate, these are generally filed in the county that the deceased was living during the time that they had passed away. This means that if they were living in Plymouth County, even though they had died in Suffolk County, the paperwork would be filed in Plymouth, which is where they were living at the time of their death.

No Probate or Will

If the person that has passed does not have probate or a will, it is important to speak with an attorney in order to determine how to proceed.

Hiring an attorney that specializes in these types of problems can help you get the necessary help you require when filing, filling out or executing a will. Whether it is for you or for someone else, their help can provide you with the information and knowledge needed to move forward in the process.

If you require a will to be drafted, would like a will to be read, or have other will related issues in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, speak with our attorneys at Notinger Law. We can provide the utmost care in providing the right services that our clients are in need of.